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By its anatomical function of the delta - a muscle that is very difficult to isolate. They are active in almost all top exercises - as an auxiliary or stabilizing force.

Because something obviously dangerous to load them in the winstrol pills same amount of work as, say, the pectoral muscles. That is, if you, for example, will take over the Delta to the same scale as for the breast (do 2-3 exercises for each of the three beams deltas), you are guaranteed to overtrain. What are the design features of the deltas? Each of the three beams (rear, front and side) attached to their own, singular point, and motor function in all trinity different. At the same time, to allocate any of the beams rather difficult. In addition, the inside of the shoulder complex has a small, but no less important and very sensitive rotational muscles: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and podgrebeshkovaya. Priplyusuet this still about 17 large (and as much small) muscles, in one way or another connected with the shoulder belt, and you will understand why Delta is so difficult to shake. That's right - because it is virtually impossible to isolate! And secondly, swotting, which usually helps with other muscles, are fundamentally inapplicable. Is there a way out? There is! Delta is quite trainable by accurately performing exercises designed for them (in a small volume). I repeat: it is necessary only to competently perform the exercises, and then load the maximum will remain in the delta and not move out with them on the other muscles of the shoulder girdle. The trouble is that the outward simplicity of exercise on Delta deceptive and triggers (for nezna-NIJ) annoying and sometimes tragic mistakes. Let's look at the most common ones. Rises in front of him to effectively bleed the front delts, and at the same time protect the rotational muscles of compression, when lifting keep the brush in a neutral (vertical!) Position. Elbows look straight down! Hands are not above parallel to the floor! 

Upgrades through the sides first step - determine individual natural position for the hands. First, lower your arms freely, relax, and see how they are positioned relative to the torso. Where are you: strictly on the sides of the body, or slightly pushed forward or back biased? That provision, which took your hand, and for you the most natural and therefore safe! (Hand position depends on the stoop and genetic characteristics of the shoulders.) Next: no dumbbell raise your arms up from the sides without disturbing their natural line. Keep your elbows all the time were above the brushes. Then take a dumbbell, bend your elbows and secure. For the same natural path begins to raise his hands up to parallel with the floor. Upstairs linger a while and slowly return to the starting position. 

Rear deltas Exercises In the starting position the hands should be strictly in front of the body (perpendicular to it), the elbows slightly bent and fixed. Dilute hand strictly in hand or a little further. (If you continue to move the hands back of the body, it will inevitably go into the reduction, that is, the retraction of the blades!) And another tip: if you want to allocate the maximum delta, do not take a heavy weight! The diamond-shaped trapeze winstrol pills and much OvertrainingI remember the first time I felt in my own skin, that is overtraining. I had a time period of six months training, and got it into his head that hard enough. I decided to string up, to double, so to speak, effort. I confess, very much like to train in the championship. First of all, I got hold of Lee Haney's book (really I was interested in the training of the pectoral muscles) and stupidly went on his scheme - well, just like a bull on the fence! Bench press on a flat bench on an incline; then breeding, crossovers on the blocks. All in multinets, twice a week - strictly! As a result, not only did not get a new weight, but the amount lost (which I somehow had). But worst of all - podrasteryal force. Even for some time, with clenched teeth, she continued to train under the old scheme - is to me not undestanding what I was doing something wrong.

Blind faith in the power of steroids

Unfortunately, many naturals still mistakenly think that by remaining pure, it is simply impossible to significantly increase mass and strength. They look with envy at chemists whose mass grows like a weed.

Fortunately, they are mistaken. Straight to work on your body and work for real. If the chemist steroids help, the straights - knowledge. Our magazine will provide you with all the necessary information concerning the training and nutrition. From you need to carefully monitor the results of their work.

The main thing to believe that the owner is required to become a mighty strong body. Of course, this will be another body - not such as in chemical bodybuilders fanned muscle insulin, steroids and other rubbish. It will be healthy! That is - the important thing! Believe me, it is better to be strong and healthy, than the ugly and sick.

stronger rear deltas, and when iterating winstrol pills with the weight they will pull the blanket over himself. Bench sitting bench sitting with the full range of motion has been and remains cool strength exercises for the whole shoulder girdle. But if you want the maximum load is the average of the delta, reduce the amplitude of: do not go up to a maximum extension of hands. Remember, shoulder abduction angle should not exceed 130 degrees. Delta actively work in all the top exercises - as an auxiliary or stabilizing force.

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